Palazzo Malgara

Palazzo Malgara was launched in 1990 by two renowned Italian winemakers who wanted to focus on producing beautiful southern Italian wines using native grape varietals. Their goal was to create highly regarded wines that reflected the characteristics of the area. Thanks to modern technology, they have been able to continue producing wines and now have gained a global following for their products.


Palazzo Malgara Negroamaro

Appellation: Negroamaro Salento IGT
Grapes: Negroamaro
Viticulture: 50% aged in oak barrels
Alcohol: 13.5% vol.
Appearance: Ruby red in color
Palate: Dark plums, herbs, silky texture with subtle rustic earth undertones.
Pairing: BBQ chicken, pulled pork, or Teriyaki

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Palazzo Malgara Primitivo di Manduria DOC

Appellation: Primitivo di Manduria
Grapes: Primitivo
Viticulture: Fermented in stainless steel tanks before aging 6-8 months in oak barrels
Alcohol: 14% vol
Appearance: Intense red in color
Palate: Full-bodied dry wine with flowery notes & robust, ripe fruit flavors. Perfect for pairing with hearty meat dishes, roasts, or robust cheeses.

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