Overview of the Vinho Verde Valley //  photo credit>  //  Wine Map of Portugal>

Overview of the Vinho Verde Valley // photo credit> // Wine Map of Portugal>

Barão de Vilar

The origins of the van Zeller family refer back to the 13th Century, to the Flemish cities of Mechelen and Nijmegen. During the 17th Century, during the religious wars that ravaged Northern and Central Europe, the van Zellers migrated to Spain and Portugal. Their connection to the wine business dates back from the beginning of the 17th century. For 14 consecutive generations, they have been devoted to port and Douro wine trade. Barão de Vilar – Vinhos, SA is their most recent company, established in January 1996 to trade port. In 2007, Barão de Vilar – Vinhos, SA expanded its range of products to the production of Douro wines, and from there it has expanded to include other Portuguese regions such as Vinho Verde.


Vinha das Margaridas Vinho Verde

From the DOC region of Vinho Verde, Vinha das Margaridas winemaker is Álvaro van Zeller. World renowned for his winemaking skills, these wines are produced and bottled on the farm. The Vinho Verde SOLAR DAS BOUÇAS uses exclusively grapes grown on the property. Of the approximately 34 acres of the total area of the farm, 25 hectares are filled with vines falling to the Loureiro, the largest share: 20 hectares. The remaining 5 are shared by Alvarinho, 2.5 hectares planted at the entrance of the farm and the Arinto grape, known locally as Pedernã.

Appellation: Vinho Verde DOC
Alcohol: 11% vol.
Grapes: Loureiro, Arinto
Viticulture: Aged in stainless steel
Visual: Very light green color
Nose: Citrus and light white floral aroma
Palate: Refreshing. Slightly sparkling and lemon, lime, grapefruit citrus on the palate.
Pairings: Great food wine. Pairs especially well with seafood, shellfish and salads.

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