Jean-Christophe Perraud


I discovered this guy’s wines last spring when I was in Europe buying wine & I love them. They are fresh, well-made wines at a price point hard to find in Burgundy. At 24, winemaker Jean-Christophe Perraud (pictured) produced his first vintage with his family’s 4 hectares. Less than 10 years later, he’s selling wines around the world (but still at a good price)! I’ve decided to post a little about the winemaker & his wines directly from him in a letter he sent introducing himself:

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Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of growing grapes and making wine. After completing my studies in oenology at the Lycée Davayé near Macon, My dream became reality when, in July 2005, I produced my first vintage out of 4 hectares of vines. As a young unknown who wanted to get noticed, I decided that eye-catching labels might do the trick. I played on the name Perraud – (Charles Perrault was a famous French writer of fairy tales) to produce wine labels with fictional fairy tale characters listing only the name of the Domaine (estate) and the grape variety. The result was rewarding. My white Macon was an instant success – lush yet elegant and accessible to all palates. Our “terroir” was yielding its secrets at last!

2006 saw the birth of our Saint Véran. As a family of grape-growers, we had acquired the vineyard in 2003 but the young vines needed time to mature. Thanks to our patience the first vintage yielded a fresh young wine with an untypical note of very mature fruit – another proof that our “terroirs” are unique!

At the end of 2006 we started on the construction of our new winery and in 2007 added a red wine to our range. I am persuaded that red Macons have a future in our region as long as the grapes are well nurtured and carefully selected.

In 2008, we took ourselves out of the Cave Cooperative to whom we used to sell the greater part of our grape harvest and officially created the Domaine Perraud. We had been working towards this new departure for 6 years and the completion of the new winery in 2007 enabled an exciting fresh start.

By 2009, the Domaine Perraud had acquired 25 hectares of vineyards and in 2011 we added a Crémant de Bourgogne to our range. Today, we look towards a future of careful crop control and a return to traditional methods of wine production.

Jean-Christophe Perraud

We carry 3 of his wines:
Domaine Perraud “Le Grand Sorbier” Macon Villages
Domaine Perraud “Le Grand Sorbier” Bourgogne Rouge
Domaine Perraud “Le Grand Sorbier” Crémant de Bourgogne

Please contact us ( if you would be interested in purchasing either or both at the wholesale level.

Jens Strecker
Owner, J. Strecker Selections