Chantovent Co-operative


In my opinion, co-operatives are often the way to go for value because if the co-op is well run, they get to choose from the best grapes in the area and then they turn around and sell it for less. Co-ops don’t usually have big names, but who cares when the wine tastes delicious and is a good price! Chantovent is an excellent example of this for me. The wines we carry from them are outstanding and comparatively speaking, dirt cheap!

Jean d’Alibert Winery in Languedoc

Chantovent was founded in 1953, but since 1993, the company has been part of the world of wine production within the Jean d’Alibert Group. The company is owned by 1,200 winegrowers brought together into one winemaking union, representing 6,000 hectares of vineyards, with a total annual production of 325,000 hectolitres.

When the winegrowers of this region decided to join forces, they invested passion and 20 centuries of tradition and authenticity into their 6,500 barrels. So, Chantovent is the true expression of Languedoc, a plentiful, wild region of Mediterranean landscapes and southern cuisine.

For over 30 years, Chantovent has developed close links with viticulture. This collaboration focuses on the needs of consumers who enjoy the high-quality products which result from the expertise of winemakers who are passionate about what their terroir has to offer. We import several labels from this cooperative including:

Château Rivière Minervois Rosé
Jean d’Alibert Languedoc Rouge
Domaine de l’Estagnol Minervois Rouge
Château d’Hautpoul Grand Réserve Minervois Rouge

You can find these wines throughout the city at: Bert’s Red Apple (Madison Valley), QFC, Wine World, Portalis Wines and more.

If you are interested in buying these wines at the wholesale level, please contact us.


Jens Strecker
Owner, J. Strecker Selections