Domaine Moltès, a treasure from Alsace

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Another contact that I have in France lives in Pfaffenheim (Alsace) and although she & her sister represent wineries from all over France, she is partial to her neighborhood wines, and so she should be. The wines from neighbor, Domaine Moltès, are very small production (600 cases of the Pinot Blanc & 1000 cases annually of the Riesling) and I think they capture the essence of Alsace: richness of the fruit (from the special soil), almost an oily texture on the mid-palate with that nice dry acidity on the finish. They are classic food wines!


Domaine Moltès was founded in 1925 by Antonio Moltès, who carefully selected the grapes and property with which to create excellent wines. His son, Roland, has since restructured the winery, bringing greater vinification and aging to the wines. The family shares a passion for the requirements necessary in ensuring the wines’ qualities. Among this, the family is keen on keeping their attention on producing high-quality grapes, and utilizing environmentally friendly growing techniques. Their estate takes care of the soil that nourishes the vineyards, working it and monitoring its composition. Each vineyard has its own requirements because each vine age exposes a clean and specific productivity.

The 13 hectares of vines that make up Domaine Moltès extend into the hills that bordering the town of Pfaffenheim. The planting density is 5000 vines per hectare, and we work to control the vine vigor and force them to put down roots deep enough. With more space for each vine, the ending results are greater.

Their obsession for perfection leads them to select only the best. It is in this spirit that they produce wines within the region of Alsace.

J. Strecker is proud to import the following products from Domaine Moltès:

Domaine Moltès Pinot Blanc
Domaine Moltès Riesling Rèserve

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing these wines at the wholesale level.


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