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Vineyard in Rueda, Castilla y Leon, Spain. Photo Credit: worldsofflavorspain.com



Bodegas Casto Pequeño
Acquired in 1977 by the Casto family, this winery focuses on making quality wines that represent their region. Using the latest technology, their modern facility is able to produce top wines that are exported all over Europe and beyond.

Bodegas Casto Pequeño Cotoval Crianza
Designated a Vino de la Tierra Castilla y Leon, Cotoval Crianza is produced from 100% Tempranillo grapes.
Grapes: Tempranillo
Viniculture: Aged 12 months in oak
Alcohol: 14% vol.
Appearance: Intense cherry with flecks of blue
Nose: Complex & powerful aromas of strawberries and raspberries with hints of soft vanilla
Palate: Full, round fruit notes with warm spices in the finish. Firm but not overpowering tannins. Soft and delicate.

Bodegas Casto Pequeño Cotoval Crianza - Info Sheet
Bodegas Casto Pequeño Cotoval Crianza - Shelf Talker

Bodegas Casto Pequeño Cotoval Verdejo 
Alcohol: 13% vol.
Grapes: 100% Verdejo
Viticulture: Aged in stainless steel
Tasting Notes
Nose: Very floral and softly citrusy.
Palate: Crisp and light but with a mellow richness from its flavors of honey, apple, and citrus. Beautiful bouquet of flowers and fruit.
Pairings: Chorizo stew, clams and sausage, grilled meats.

Bodegas Casto Pequeño Cotoval Verdejo - Info Sheet
Bodegas Casto Pequeño Cotoval Verdejo - Shelf Talker

Bodegas Casto Pequeño Gravedad
Grapes: 100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo)
Viticulture: Manual harvest of selected grapes.
Viniculture: Fermentation in stainless steel tanks, aged 3 months in new
French and American oak.
Alcohol: 14.5% vol.
Appearance: Dark berry red.
Nose: Ripe raspberries, spice.
Palate: Full-body, mouth permeating red, with red and black fruit.
Balanced acidity with velvety finish.

Bodegas Casto Pequeño Gravedad - Info Sheet
Bodegas Casto Pequeño Gravedad - Shelf Talker

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Weingut Castelfeder -- Alto Adige

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