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Bodegas Langa 
The Los Yermos vineyard can be found between the mountain range La Sierra de Armantes and the River Ribota, near the town of Torralba de Ribota . This farming land is located at an average altitude of 600 meters, the vineyard´s particular climate, or mesoclimate, is characterized by a low yearly rainfall of around 250 liters per square meter. The stony material and clay originating from La Sierra de Armantes, means that the soil on which these vines are grown is ideal and has been used for vine growing for many centuries.

Bodegas Langa Reyes d'Aragon Brut Nature Cava   
Website: www.bodegas-langa.com 
Grapes: Macabeo 75%, Chardonnay 25%
Viniculture: 12 months maturation in bottle sur lattes
Alcohol: 12% vol.
Tasting Notes
Appearance: Pale yellow color, persistent frothing with very small bubbles.
Nose: Toasted bread, tropical fruit, touches of almond and coconut. 
Palate: Good acidity. Full on the mouth with a lot of body. Citrus with pink grapefruit and tropical fruit. 
Suggested Pairings: Shellfish and fatty fish (sea bass, salmon), white meat and all types of rice dishes. 

Bodegas Langa Reyes d'Aragon Brut Nature Cava - Info Sheet
Bodegas Langa Reyes d'Aragon Brut Nature Cava -- Shelf Talker 

Bodegas Langa Mítico Chardonnay   
Website: www.bodegas-langa.com 
Grapes: Chardonnay - Organic, Biodynamic
Viniculture: 6 months in bottle
Alcohol: 13% vol.
Tasting Notes
Appearance: Straw color with green tints
Nose: Complex and intense aroma varied with apple, peach, fennel, honey and exotic fruits (guava, passion fruit).
Palate: Ample palate, fat, on first taste clean and fresh thanks to its sharp acidity. 
Suggested Pairings:  Perfect accompaniment to pastas, fatty fish and white meats. 

Bodegas Langa Mítico Chardonnay -- Info Sheet
Bodegas Langa Mítico Chardonnay -- Shelf Talker 

Bodegas Langa Pasión Garnacha   
Website: www.bodegas-langa.com
Grapes: Garnacha
Viniculture: 10 months in barrel
Alcohol: 13% vol.
Tasting Notes
Appearance: Bright ruby
Nose: Ripe cherries and violets
Palate: Macerated strawberries and raspberries mingle with toasted aromas, smoke and tobacco.
Suggested Pairings: Red meats, cold cured Iberian meats and cured cheese

Bodegas Langa Pasión Garnacha -- Info Sheet
Bodegas Langa Pasión Garnacha -- Shelf Talker

Bodegas Langa Frenesí Red Blend 
Grapes: Merlot, Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz
Viniculture: Aged 4 to 6 months in American, European and French Oak, then 6 months in bottle.
Alcohol: 14.5% vol.
Tasting Notes
Appearance: Mature cherry red with purplish tints.
Nose: Accentuated mineral character with spicy overtones such as vanilla, cinnamon, pepper and clove.
Palate: Dense body with good tannic strength and silky.
Suggested Pairings: Excellent with all kinds of meats, stews and game.

Bodegas Langa Frenesí Red Blend - Info Sheet

Bodegas Langa Frenesi Red Blend - Shelf Talker

Bodegas Langa Pi Concejón
Website: www.bodegas-langa.com
Grapes: Concejón
12 months in American, European and French Oak, then 6 months in bottle.
Alcohol: 14.5% vol.
Tasting Notes
Appearance: Cherry red, very deep with purplish tints.
Nose: Fragrant nose of mature red and black fruits. Elegant vintage aromas, with hints of cocoa and tobacco. Complex and elegant. 
Palate: Unctuous on the mouth, fat and very glyceric. Sweet tannins, round and velvety. 
Suggested Pairings: Due to its singular qualities this wine is ideal with red meats, Serrano ham and cured cheeses. 

Bodegas Langa Pi Concejón - Info Sheet

Bodegas Langa Pi Concejón - Shelf Talker


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Weingut Castelfeder -- Alto Adige

From the photo, you might think this wine region is in southern Germany or maybe Austria, but it's actually northern-most Italy in the area formerly known as Südtirol (a part of Austria until WWI), now known as Alto Adige. Bi-lingual and bi-cultural, it's Italy with a strong Austrian influence. On her first visit to Seattle, Ines Giovanett (daughter of Günther Giovanett, owner of the Castelfeder Winery) laughingly said: "I wear a dirndl! I eat knödel!" More on Ines & her family's winery>

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