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Domaine Claude Nouveau -- Côte-de-Beaune


Chevalier Clerget 
The Clerget family dates back to 1268. Jean Clerget, Member of the Royal Parliament in Dijon, was appointed “Chevalier” in 1698 and granted a family coat of arms. In 1972, Patrick CLERGET started working for the family company “Maison Raoul CLERGET” in Saint-Aubin.  In 1994, he and his wife set up their own company, “Sélection Patrick Clerget”, in Beaune, the capital of Burgundy wines. In 2007, he was appointed a member of “Chevalier du Tastevin”, the exclusive society that promotes Burgundy wines around the world. “Sélection Patrick Clerget” now exports nearly 2 million bottles of the fine wines of France every year to more than 25 countries all over the world.

Chevalier Clerget AOP Mâcon Villages Chardonnay
The hills of the Mâconnais are linked along axes. The vines take readily to these hillsides.  Limey or calcic brown rendzinas suit the long-keeping Chardonnays.
Grapes:  Chardonnay 
Terroir:  Limey or calcic brown rendzinas
Vinification:  Stainless Steel
Alcohol: 13.5% vol.
Visual: Lemon gold, Straw
Nose:  Acacia, lemongrass and citrus
Palate: Fresh Braeburn apples with hints of quince, fennel and pine.  
Pairing:  Roasted chicken, pastas, Emmenthal and nuts.

Chevalier Clerget AOP Macon Villages Chardonnay- Info Sheet
Chevalier Clerget AOP Mâcon Villages Chardonnay - Shelf Talker

Chevalier Clerget AOP Beaujolais-Villages 
Grapes:  Gamay 
Terroir:  granite and sand with a little clay that give very light acidic soils
Vinification: Length of fermentation on the skins: 6 to 9 days  After vatting and the first, alcoholic, fermentation, the grapes are pressed and the run off and press juices are assembled then the second, malo-lactic fermentation takes place. 
Alcohol: 12.5% vol.
Visual:  Bright red
Nose:  Currents and strawberries 
Palate: Bright black raspberries, juicy strawberries, black currants, soft tannins and delightful acidity.  
Pairing:  Roasted chicken, pastas, baked brie.

Chevalier Clerget AOP Beaujolais Villages- Info Sheet
Chevalier Clerget AOP Beaujolais Villages- Shelf Talker

Reserve du Chevalier AOP Crémant de Bourgogne  
A wide variety of soils in vineyard districts throughout Burgundy. They range from the chalky subsoils of the Joigny district in the north to the granites of southern Burgundy, via the limestones and marls of the Côtes where most of the wines of this appellation are grown.
Vinification  & Aging: Method Traditionalle 
Alcohol: 12% vol.
Appearance: White gold
Nose: White floral and citrus 
Palate: Fine elegant beads with lively citrus, fresh apples and rich body.
Pairings:  Aperitif as well as raw and cooked shellfish (oysters), smoked fish (halibut, shark), and fish tartar salmon).

Reserve du Chevalier AOP Crémant de Bourgogne - Info Sheet
Reserve du Chevalier AOP Crémant de Bourgogne - Shelf Talker

Domaine Chevalliers

Domaine Chevalliers Chablis

Grapes: Chardonnay
Clay Limestone - Kimmeridgien
Total malolactic and alcoholoic fermentations. Maturing in temperature - controlled stainless vats.
12.5% vol.
Brilliant yellow-greenish.
White flowers and warm golden apples
Tropical fruits- pineapple and guava with hints of almond.  Nice acidity and minerality. Lingers
Aperitif, seafood, fish, white meats and cheeses.
Argent medal Concours BURGONDIA 2013 Tastevinage Printemps 2013 Chevaliers du Tastevin

Domaine Chevalliers Chablis -- Sales Sheets
Domaine Chevalliers Chablis -- Shelf Talker 

Domaine Perraud
Domaine Perraud is a great story of a young winemaker encouraged by his parents (who made their living growing grapes for the local co-op) to strike out on his own. So at the age of 24, Jean-Christophe Perraud began making wine from the family's vineyards. In 2005 he produced his first vintage out of 4 hectares of vines. Less than a decade later, Domaine Perraud has 25 hectares of Bourgogne, Mâcon and Saint-Véran vineyards. This Domaine practices sustainable agriculture and is moving to organic.

Domaine Perraud Crémant de Bourgogne "Le Grand Sorbier" 
Grapes:  Chardonnay
Terroir: Calcarious clay
Vinification: Stainless Steel, method traditional
Alcohol: 11% vol.
Visual:  Lemon gold
Ripe apples and toasted notes
Palate: Rich mousse with crisp Braeburn apples, lemon zest and brioche.
  Enjoy as an aperitif  or with oysters, clams, pastas, poultry.

Domaine Perraud Le Grand Sorbier Crémant de Bourgogne -- Sales Sheets
Domaine Perraud Le Grand Sorbier Crémant de Bourgogne -- Shelf Talkers

Domaine Perraud Mâcon-Villages "Le Grand Sorbier"
Grapes: 100% Chardonnay
Terroir: 15 year-old vines located in the village of La Roche-Vineuse. 
Terrain includes clay-limestone, clay-silt and flint soils.
Production: 50,000 bottles annually
Viniculture: Vinified plot by plot in the traditional white Mâcon-Villages
tradition. Long fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel
vats with spontaneous malolactic fermentation. On lees exclusively in
stainless steel vats with the least intervention possible for 6-8 months.
Bentonite fining when necessary and a single light filtration before bottling.
Alcohol: 12.5% vol.
Appearance: Pale yellow.
Nose: Stone fruits with light mineral.
Palate: Pleasantly crisp, full of lively citrusy flavors with nice herbal notes
on the finish.

Domaine Perraud Mâcon-Villages "Le Grand Sorbier" - Sales Sheet
Domaine Perraud Mâcon-Villages "Le Grand Sorbier" - Shelf Talker

Domaine Perraud Bourgogne Rouge "Le Grand Sorbier"
Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir
Terroir: 15  year-old vines situated in the village of La Roche-Vineuse.
Production: 10,000 bottles annually.
Viniculture: Vinified plot by plot then blended to obtain a traditional Bourgogne rouge. Whole cluster 5-10 day maceration then prolonged fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel vats followed by spontaneous malolactic fermentation and natural yeasts. On lees exclusively in oak barrels with the least amount of manipulation possible for 9 months. Long stabilization with moderate cooling. A single light filtration before bottling.
Alcohol: 12% vol.
Appearance: Black currant and ruby
Nose: Aromas of summer cherries, field herbs, rose petals
Palate: Black currant, macerated cherries, fresh thyme, warm earth and subtle cracked peppercorn.

Domaine Perraud Bourgogne Rouge "Le Grand Sorbier" - Sales Sheet
Domaine Perraud Bourgogne Rouge "Le Grand Sorbier" - Shelf Talker

Louis Dubois

Louis Dubois "1885" Pinot Noir
Grapes: Pinot Noir
Regions:  Burgundy and Languedoc
Viniculture: Sediment limestone with pebbles and alluvia. 
Alcohol: 13.5%
Appearance: Plum
Nose: Cooked cherries with summer earth notes
Palate: Summer cherries with hints of plums, hillside flowers and earth.
Pairings:  Veal, poultry, duck as well as tuna or salmon.  Versatile!

Louise Dubois "1885" Pinot Noir - Sales Sheet
Louise Dubois "1885" Pinot Noir - Shelf Talker

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Weingut Castelfeder -- Alto Adige

From the photo, you might think this wine region is in southern Germany or maybe Austria, but it's actually northern-most Italy in the area formerly known as Südtirol (a part of Austria until WWI), now known as Alto Adige. Bi-lingual and bi-cultural, it's Italy with a strong Austrian influence. On her first visit to Seattle, Ines Giovanett (daughter of Günther Giovanett, owner of the Castelfeder Winery) laughingly said: "I wear a dirndl! I eat knödel!" More on Ines & her family's winery>

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