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J. Strecker Selections is a wine import & distribution business founded by Portalis Wines owners, Jens Strecker & Julie Howe. Drawing upon Jens’ vast wine knowledge, his European heritage, and his long history of world travel, we seek to revisit the Old World (as well as some New World lands) to find undiscovered, delicious, well-priced wines that are representative of their respective wine growing areas to import into Washington State.
When WA State wine laws changed in December 2009 allowing retailers to direct import, we jumped at the opportunity. Since then, we have been busily at work, selecting, purchasing and organizing the movement of these wines from their homes around the world to Seattle port. With the help of our team, these wines are available throughout the area to wholesale buyers: restaurants, wine shops and grocery stores.
For more on our book of wines: France, Italy, Spain, AustriaArgentina & Washington. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of these wines at the wholesale level: (206) 783-2009 or info@jstreckerselections.com & we’ll have a sales rep get in touch with you.
Julie Howe, Co-owner
J. Strecker Selections

Now Hiring: Seattle Sales Position

We are a small, experienced team looking for a part- or full-time sales rep for the Seattle area. You need to have experience and connections in the Seattle market selling wine at the wholesale level. If interested, please contact us at info@jstreckerselections.com.

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Weingut Castelfeder -- Alto Adige

From the photo, you might think this wine region is in southern Germany or maybe Austria, but it's actually northern-most Italy in the area formerly known as Südtirol (a part of Austria until WWI), now known as Alto Adige. Bi-lingual and bi-cultural, it's Italy with a strong Austrian influence. On her first visit to Seattle, Ines Giovanett (daughter of Günther Giovanett, owner of the Castelfeder Winery) laughingly said: "I wear a dirndl! I eat knödel!" More on Ines & her family's winery>

Contact us if you are interested in wholesale purchasing for any of these wines: (206) 783-2009 · 
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